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The word “gesher” (גשר), which means “bridge” in Hebrew, describes the mission and vision of Gesher Media. Aspiring to be a bridge between the ancient world of the Bible and contemporary society, Gesher Media addresses significant topics and themes in the Bible through documentaries, photographs, and other media.

These projects represent the best of modern scholarship, communicated at a level that is both informative and entertaining to a general audience. Gesher Media’s goal is to illuminate the Bible with evidence from archaeology, geography, ancient culture, and other historical sources, for all who desire to learn more about the background of the narratives, events, and places in the Bible.

Reading the Bible can sometimes seem dry and irrelevant to modern readers. Difficult passages can seem perplexing, even contradictory. However, when properly understood in its own literary, cultural, and historical context, the Bible can come alive with relevance for today’s world. 

The skillful use of visual media can open up the Bible in a way that facilitates a better understanding of its contents, including topics that appear to be obscure or in conflict. Although not every issue can be resolved nor every question answered, the investigation of the Bible through visual media brings its own reward, the joy of discovery that can change one’s perspective, focus, or life.  

Wall painting of Beni Hasan, near Minya, Egypt

1st century tomb relief of Epaphroditus, Rome, Italy

Roman gladiator, 2nd Century AD, Turkey

Assyrian King Ashurnasirpal at Nimrud, 9th century BC

Inside tomb at Beni Hasan, near Minya, Egypt

Roman Lead sarcophagus, 2nd or 3rd century AD

Gesher Staff

Dr. Roy  Brown

Dr. Roy Brown


Roy Brown, creator of Accordance Bible Software, has pursued his lifelong interest in the Bible by studying and teaching the text, its background, and its relevance for today. Through extensive travel, he has gathered photographic documentation of sites and objects related to the background of the Bible.

Doug Johnson

Doug Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Doug Johnson teaches regular bible studies, has traveled in the Middle East, and is interested in the historical and archaeological record of biblical and Roman times. Doug wants to engage the adult student in the correct cultural and historical context of the Scripture. He is a medical physicist and retired Navy Commander.

Dr. James Davis

Dr. James Davis

Project Manager

James Davis has served as a  translator/editor for the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). A professor of New Testament Studies, he has taught at several seminaries including the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary. He has also contributed to Accordance Bible Software as a developer and editor. 

Dr. Chris McKinny

Dr. Chris McKinny

Research Fellow

Chris McKinny is an archaeologist and biblical scholar. Passionate about the archaeology, history, and geography of the Biblical world, he has written extensively on these subjects in both academic and popular publications. Chris is a senior staff member at the Tel Burna Archaeological project and regularly leads study tours to the lands of the Bible.

Kristen Linduff

Kristen Linduff

Admin Manager

Kristen Linduff’s interests and experience range from accounting and finance to freelance writing. Her interest in the Bible and its application includes direct involvement with nonprofit organizations that teach the Bible both at home and abroad.  

Shelley Neese

Shelley Neese

Contributing Editor

Shelley Neese is the president of The Jerusalem Connection, author of the Copper Scroll Project, and a graduate of Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Shelley has written about Israel both ancient and modern for the last twenty years. Her articles have appeared in Jerusalem Post, Israel Today, Moment Magazine, and many other media outlets. She hosts a podcasts called Bible Fiber focusing on the Minor Prophets and she is currently a graduate student at The Bible Seminary.

Rebecca Pettit

Rebecca Pettit


Rebecca Pettit is an educator, writer/director, and producer. Her award winning films are featured online via streaming services like Amazon Prime and YouTube, as well as television outlets like the History Channel, National Geographic, and Discovery Channels. Beyond filmmaking, she is a co-host for the Writers’ Gathering in Israel and a university lecturer teaching the history and geography of the Bible on-location in Israel and Jordan.

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