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New Documentary: The Philistines – Warriors to the West

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Exploring the evidence

Gathering evidence which will illustrate and bring the Bible to life in our time, Gesher Media seeks to create a bridge between the text of the Bible and the historical and archaeological evidence for those who are interested in better understanding the content and relevance of the Bible today.


Join scholars, historians, and archaeologists as they critically examine evidence that relates to a better understanding of events and places in the Bible. These experts will analyze and authenticate the reliability of information gleaned from a variety of sources, as well as examining the biblical narrative and its relevance to us today. The documentaries will be filmed on location in the lands of the Bible and produced by leading filmmakers. Click to learn more!


Thousands of original photographs of sites and artifacts that illustrate the background of the Bible have been tagged and referenced for your use in studying or teaching the Bible. Many of these photographs are from sites and museums that are not well known, quite remote or no longer available. These high quality resources that offer biblical context  were collected over many years. New images are being added often to the Gesher Gallery. Click to learn more!

Other Resources

Other media resources will include digital graphics, charts, reconstructions, illustrations, and more. Special materials on the background of the Bible will assist in studying and teaching. 

Door-shaped Roman grave stele with household items, Eskisehir, Turkey

Alexandria mosaic from Umm Er-Rasas, biblical Mephaath, Jordan

Byzantine cross with nomina sacra, Turkey

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