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Ownership and Purchase terms

Ownership of Photos

Photographs purchased or obtained from Gesher Media LLC may be used with the following stipulations.

A.  The photographs may be used without permission for personal, non-profit, educational, or academic use. 

B.  The photographs may be used without permission in commercial and/or academic publications with acknowledgment of the source in the following manner:

                   Photo Courtesy of Gesher Media LLC     Copyright © 2021     Used by Permission 

C.  ABSOLUTELY NO RESALE OR DISTRIBUTION of photographs in any form is permitted at any time or for any reason or purpose, whether for profit (commercial use) or not for profit (private, academic, educational, etc.) use.

    Ownership of Documentaries/Films

    Documentaries and films purchased from/created by/produced by Gesher Media LLC may be shown in private, religious, or academic settings to groups of 30 people or less.. Any showing outside these parameters without written permission by Gesher Media LLC constitutes Copyright infringement and is punishable by law. 


    No Refunds and Exchanges

    Because of the nature of the product, Gesher Media LLC does not offer any refunds or exchanges of the purchase of photographs, documentaries, or other media.


    No Credits Carried Forward on Subscriptions

    Subscription credits purchased with which to obtain photographs within a calendar month or within a calendar year may NOT be carried forward to the next (or any subsequent) calendar month or year.


    Upgrading / Downgrading Photograph Subscription Plans

    Upgrading to a new Photograph Subscription Plan (more photos) will require payment of the cost difference between the customer’s original plan, and the new one. That upgrade will go into effect immediately upon payment of the upgrade cost. The time allowed to use the additional credits will not extend beyond the customer’s original monthly payment date. Subsequent months will be charged at the cost of the upgraded plan.

    Downgrading to a lesser Photograph Subscription Plan will take effect at the end of the currently paid term.

    Continuation of Subscription Plans

    Subscription plans will be charged on a monthly or annual basis (depending upon the plan) until a request is made via email to indicating the customer’s intent to cancel the subscription.

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