Interviews with top world-wide scholars and breath-taking footage of biblical sites have given Gesher Media an abundance of material that we can’t wait to share with you! Very soon we will present the first release of “In Those Days,” a collection of 30-minute episodes, each featuring an in-depth look at subjects which expound on biblical topic and themes.

Our plan is to release as many as six, 30-minute episodes. The first is to explore the history and relationships of the Philistines, the ancient enemy of Israel. Those who have seen the latest versions of the video are very excited about the work. 

Gesher Media is excited to announce the new documentary series – IN THOSE DAYS. This series will explore the biblical, historical, cultural, and archaeological backgrounds of the story of the tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant from Mount Sinai to the building of the First Temple. Our pilot episode – Philistines – Warriors to the West? – will be available very soon.

Check out the trailer for this pilot episode produced and directed by Igal Hecht of Chutzpa Productions and featuring the following biblical archaeologists and scholars: Aren Maeir, Amihai Mazar, Joe Uziel, Itzick Shai, Israel Finkelstein, Dale W. Manor, Claire Pfann, and Chris McKinny, with narration by Shelley Neese and amazing 3D/CGI recreations and maps by Daniel Smith. Coming soon with many more episodes and projects in the works…